1-2-System Seller

Now I know what you're thinking." 1-2-Switch is an overpriced collection of boring mini games, that will only be fun for 2 hours before it become dusty on the shelf." I must admit I thought the same thing when I first saw the trailer; However, after seeing people actually play it and hear about it, I think differently. For one thing, I have several friends that are interested in the Switch but not enough to actually buy it. I also have family that are not even remotely gamers, but loved Wii Sports. This is where I think 1-2-Switch really shines. It is a casual game that demonstrates the features of the Switch, and is portable. The use of the IR sensor (rip 2017-2017) and the HD rumble are enough to turn heads. I can imagine playing with my 2 year old cousin and my 87 year old grandma, my mom and friends from school. If you think that this game alone won't sell systems, think again. The main multiplayer game at launch is 1-2-Switch, meaning whoever has a Switch at launch and wants to play multiplayer will most likely be playing this game (or Bomberman). If one person shows a friend, they tell somebody else, and that person tells their uncle who works at Nintendo (aka Reggie) who tells 5 more people. The news will spread like wildfire and Switches will sell like hotcakes(although they already are so hotter hotcakes).

TL;DR: Just read the ****ing paragraph!

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