A Call to Square Enix

First, I would like to say… Thank you square enix for your countless support of the 3DS. Titles like Bravely Default and Second, Dragon Quest VII and VIII, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, and Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy. All are fantastic titles and each are worth picking up for the 3DS. Heck, you also have a number of DS games that are also worth playing through.

We are all eagerly anticipating playing Dragon Quest XI when that releases in the West(for those who do not know Japanese to play it earlier).

This is my request: Please consider bringing Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 1.5-3(1.5+2.5+2.8 and 3), and the Final Fantasy VII Remake to the Nintendo Switch. Your Nintendo fans would greatly appreciate you doing this.

Kingdom Hearts already has a history on the Nintendo Systems with Chain of Memories appearing on GBA, 358/2 Days on the DS, and Dream Drop Distance on the 3DS. We would like the chance to play KH3 on the Nintendo Switch.

As for Final Fantasy, the main line series hasnt appeared on a Nintendo system since Final Fantasy VI. It is time for the series to make an appearance on a Nintendo system again.

Square Enix, you have plenty of fans on the Nintendo Switch. We just want to play some of the games that some other platforms are getting. Thank you for your time. 🙂

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