A depressing conversation that mad me appreciate the battl eNintendo have

So today had a conversation in the office with a colleague who I have chatted about games quite a bit previously, seems a solid gamer has finished both Bloodborne and DS3 so I figure he's not just a casual gamer (whatever that means) but today he showed me his true colours. He told me he was buying Resi Evil 7 so we chatted briefly about that, he asked me if I was getting any new games currently to which I replied I was saving for the switch,to which he replied, "oh how are the graphics on that thing" now first of all how do you answer that question? And secondly given that Nintendo aren't competing on power how do we convince people like him and the mass market to Switch? ( excuse the pun couldn't resist). For the record my answer to him was that the graphics were very good although not as good as PS4 or Xbox one but that you can have full console gaming on the go, I tried to sell it to him but the moment I said not as powerful I saw I had lost him.

I am hyped for the switch got my neon preorder with Zelda SE, pro controller and Bomberman R. So I'm fully onboard, but this conversation made me realise the task Nintendo have on their hands.

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