A list of informations that were expected to be announced in yesterday’s presentation, but weren’t

Nintendo finally gave us an extended peek on the hybrid platform that will be released next March. And while there was an hour's worth of new information for the media to mince, there still are many questions left unanswered about the new console.

  • Where are the games? Several rumored ports (such as Super Smash Bros, Monster Hunter XX, and Pokemon), as well as new rumored games (Beyond Good and Evil 2, a Rabbids/Mario crossover) were unheard of during the presentation. Whether or not the rumors are indeed false, or the announcements have been simply postponed, is yet to be determined.
  • Paid online – what else does it do? While it was announced that the online mode would be a paid service (as is the case with PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold), no mention of the actual price for the service has been given. It is expected to round the $59.99 per year, as with the other services, but of course it's not yet confirmed. And while some of the online additions have been clarified, such as the voice chat and the rental of a Virtual Console game per month, there's no word on whether the service includes certain capabilities that other networks have, such as cloud storage of save files, or the ability to use the same account on multiple devices.
  • Is this thing retrocompatible? At least the Virtual Console has been confirmed to an extent; NES and SNES games will be available, some with online multiplayer added. No word, though, on other consoles confirmed to work on the Switch (such as the Gamecube), or whether the purchases made on the WiiU and 3DS will carry on to the Switch. Compatibility with WiiU games, on the other hand, is almost deconfirmed due to the presence of enhanced ports, such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

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