A mildly entertaining story on how I got enough money for the Switch.

Here's the story how I came up with enough money to afford the Switch. So I went to a silent auction with my wife and mother two weeks ago, which I've gone to for a couple years. Besides the silent auction aspect, they also had a raffle drawing for either a cruise, an autographed football or an Xbox One S. So my mother and I each get a raffle ticket cause it's part of the fun of the evening. Ended up not winning any of the silent auction items I bid on. Raffle time comes around. Someone wins the cruise. Someone wins the football. Wife says that I'm for sure going to win the Xbox now because the other two winners shared the same first letter in my name. I'm hoping it helps. Lo and behold, they call my name and I win the Xbox One S.

So I'm pretty excited cause hey, free console worth $400 bucks (Launch Edition 2TB). The last Xbox I had was the original which I still kept and played, so I'm thinking hey this is pretty damn sweet. After the auction is over I go to my buddy's house who has one so I can try his out before I open mine up and spend money on games and such. Turns out…I'm not a huge fan of the new Xbox. The games don't really do it for me, and we have similar enough gaming tastes where I knew I wouldn't really use it and it wouldn't be worth keeping. Right then I made my plan to sell the Xbox and use the money for the Switch.

So I posted it on Craigslist, some FB groups my sis in law is a part of, few gaming forums I frequent and worth of mouth to people I know who may be interested. Had several scammers make offers, had several people offering near equal trades, but no go. I wanted cash. I need cash for the Switch dangit!

So I post it on eBay for BIN $380. I made it less than retail because I wanted it gone ASAP. With the holiday season so close I knew people would want it. So I post it on eBay after letting it sit on the other sites for a few days with no luck. Within an hour had two offers. Substantial offers too, but I decided to sit on it a bit and wait while I did some work around the house and then check out the offers. Since it was just recently posted, I wanted as much as possible for it. Come back a few hours later after the housework is done and BOOM! Someone did the BIN for the full $380. After fees and expedited shipping I ended up making $300 net, which is pretty damn fine for a $10 raffle ticket.

As much as I was jazzed up to win a free Xbox, I'm even more jazzed up to have the money for the Switch.

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