A path to a possible solution of a possible problem, in re: USB-C charging and the bottom port

Okay, so there are a few people, myself included, that are a little worried about the charging port being on the bottom of the tablet, hindering use of things if you want to play with the kickstand and charge at the same time.

Naturally, there are a couple of possible solutions to this being in the way, most of which have probably been considered (or even implemented) by Nintendo, and a final one that I'll put forth myself.

SOLUTION 1: Multiple Charging ports

Pretty straightforward here. It could very well be that the port we've spied on the bottom was a charging + data port, and Nintendo could have a separate, charging-only port on the back, where we haven't gotten much of a good glimpse of things. This is similar to, from what I understand, the setup on the Wii U gamepad — obviously, then, it's likely something Nintendo has put into consideration.

OPTION 2: Beefy batteries AND/OR quick charging

Also straightforward. It's not a huge deal for charging while playing if you can top it up really quickly, or if you can squeeze a few hours of play into one charge. I could also see them releasing a battery pack for the side slots where the Joy-Cons usually go, but that's dependent on if they're mechanical, or if they also have electrical contacts.

OPTION 3: Autorotation

This one's less than ideal, since 1. The kickstand almost certainly only works one way, and 2. Even if it did swivel both ways, having the tablet upside down would block the audio jack (which, sure, hopefully Bluetooth support would mostly negate that issue, but that's a whole 'nother can of worms).

OPTION 4: Low-profile adapters

This is what I was able to come up with. Probably also less than ideal, because I have no real experience in EE or product design, but I digress. Take a look at this product on Amazon. Little Qi sticker with a cable to plug into your phone, kind of neat.

Now, I'm not offering wireless charging as a solution — while it would be handy, it's also really slow and probably not quite bandwidth-y enough for the power the SoC would draw — ultimately it would just be a parlor trick. No, what I'm saying is that there are super low-profile, 90° angle USB adapters that could be made. You get your kickstand, you get your charging, and you get your headphone jack. Problems solved.

Tl:dr: some speculation (emphasis on the speculation) on problems posed by a downward connector, some reassurance that Nintendo knows what they're doing, and a possible alternative, third-party solution by me, should they drop the ball. Thanks for reading!

EDIT: Some grammar and links. Also, I should disclaim that it HAS NOT been confirmed that the Switch uses USB-C… But it's looking pretty likely at this point, so take it as you will.

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