A run down of everything Laura reconfirmed in her AMA, as well as some new info!

Hey guys! I'm bored and have decided to compile everything important LKD said in the AMA for people who don't want to dig through the entire thread. I'll put all the little pieces of info in sections to make it easier to read and look neater.

Pricing and release date

  • Thought this would be a good point to start off with. LKD says that everything she's heard points to a starting price of $250 and that she is positive it will be at least below $300

  • Reconfirms that March 17th will be the release date for PAL regions and the rest of the world will get it the same week.

Everything she said about games

  • Laura says a few times throughout the AMA that everything public about BoTW points to a March release date, but everything she's heard from sources is telling her a June release date. However, she says at a different time in the AMA that she's heard of a June release date in only PAL regions.

  • Splatoon and Mario Kart are enhanced ports. Mario Kart is a very enhanced port, and the Smash port has minimal enhancements.

  • Has heard of two third party exclusives, one being Mario X Rabbids, and expects at least three third party exclusives at launch

  • Laura says that the initial VC will 100% be a disappointment in terms of raw volume of titles. She also says to expect and upgrade fee again. Well this is a bummer

  • She doesn't think Retro Studios' new project will be shown at the event. On the topic of Retro Studios, when asked "Do you know anything about a new Metroid Game?" she replied, "I know Retro are not working on one" 🙁

  • She says that the new Mario game will be showed off, named, and playable at the event and will be a day 1 launch game.

  • Laura says there will be at least one new IP announced at the event

  • Has heard rumors about Luigi's Mansion 3 as early as February 2016, but never reported on it because lots of info from that batch was debunked. Has a lot of info on what it will supposedly be and says she will share it on the sub if we want her to.

  • Very interesting stuff about Mother 3. She goes on to say that her and Emily have heard from many reliable sources that a localization is in the works, but it just never surfaces. She calls it the "phantom rumor"

  • Says that Monolith Soft are working on something new that isn't the XCX Switch port, but the new game has combat similar to XCX's

Everything she said about hardware

  • 3 hours max battery life if you continuously play a game is what she has heard. What she says next I think was just speculation, but she says that if the settings are turned down for portable mode, it will probably last longer than 3 hours. However, however much to turn down the settings for portable mode will be up to the devs, not the user

  • Fully expects undocked games to run better than Wii U games

  • Says a few times she is confident about custom joy-cons being a thing. Also on the topic of joy-cons, she has every reason to believe that it will have the advanced vibration that she reported on in August. She also says they will be charged via joy-con grip and will have about a 5 hour battery life.

  • Laura says that she has heard nothing about 4G capabilities

  • She says she's 1200% sure it will have a touch screen.

  • Says it will have bluetooth capabilities but doesn't know if this is just for specific apps or for the console in general.

  • Emphasizes that most people don't know how good effective API is for under powered hardware.

  • Says she expects the Pro controller to have basic gyro controls

  • Holds up to 128 GB on Micro SD, but further says she would expect more because there's no reason Switch wouldn't be able to do that.

Everything she said about the presentation and events

  • She says the Jan 12 presentation is really beefy! There's still some small surprises left and folks will enjoy seeing it all unfold. About 30 – 60 minutes in length probably.

  • The presentation will touch on third party stuff, hardware, and UI system level info.

  • She says Nintendo is going all in with hands on events. She says EVERY major event between Jan 12 and Mar 17 will include hands on for the Switch

Misc info

Just some things I didn't know how to categorize lol

  • No additional docks at launch but will come eventually

  • Carts are differently shaped from 3DS/DS

  • She tells us about how there were multiple iterations of dev kits, one went out in July and another more powerful one went out in October. She says a lot of the specs info we've heard has been based on the July dev kit.

  • She Enthusiastically says it's region free!

  • Says there will be an achievement system but she's unaware if it's different from the My Nintendo ones on your smart phone. Also says that your account on the Switch will be the one you use for Miitomo/Mario Run (I assume this means My Nintendo), and this should be the last time you have to create a new Nintendo account.

Well I think that's all. This took longer than expected to type. If I missed anything or put information down wrong please tell me!

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