A story and some thoughts about the Switch’s broad appeal.

I was having a conversation with my father the other day and the Switch came up. I was sitting on the couch playing my 3DS and he asked me if I could put it on the TV (since those screens are so small, according to him). I said no, you can't do that with this system. He thought that was weird, "You know they have the ability to do that," he said, "so why don't they?" I told him that for this particular system it wouldn't look great on the big screen since this little system can only look so good on a little screen, in layman's terms.

He then asked it you could put a phone or a regular tablet up on the TV and play your games, and again I said you can't really do that plus even if you could most of the games are for touch screens and wouldn't work well on the TV. As an avid TV watcher, my Dad thought this was the dumbest thing ever and said that if you have the technology to put it in your pocket, the technology should exist to put it on the big screen and play it from your recliner.

He had never heard of the Switch, of course, so I explained the concept to him and said "About time, that's how it should work."

I thought this was an interesting take coming from somebody who doesn't play games at all. I think it shows that the basic concept of the Switch can resonate and make sense in the most fundamental of ways with an average consumer.

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