Ace Attorney on Switch?

hi, i'm new to this subreddit! maybe i'm not the only one thinking about this – but let's be real. nintendo might not admit it, but if the switch sells well enough, and i have the feeling it will, we can expect the 3ds to die out. it might be a slow death that takes place over the course of a long period of time, but die it shall.

now let's talk about ace attorney… where else is the series going to go but the switch? it's a portable franchise, and i certainly don't see it appearing on any competing home consoles. i'm 99% positive the next phoenix wright will show up on switch. and i think that's great news!

HD graphics, courtroom battles on my living room tv, my favorite blue-suited hero on the big screen! it sounds too good to be true! obviously this is waaaaay down the road and the console isn't even out yet buts it very fun to talk about. i'd love to hear any comments from fellow fans!

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