Advanced, more Poweful Docks in the Future?

so, the nintendo has official revelaed that the Switch is a home console at its heart. does this mean that in the future "witcher 3 docks" will be available? what i mean is a heavy powered additional GPU maybe ram, etc(dunno much of what im talkinga bout but i think you guys get the idea). this would be really great IMO but i just know some people would be hating it. some with maybe a little bit of reasoning and some just for the sake of hating aka haters lol

it would be a problem in the bit distant future. not so distant, like 2/3 years from now if a powerful dock gets released and we are playing our awesome Cyberpunk 2077/for example) and then we wanna take it on the go, it will either 1) not work or 2) be drastically changed graphics wise. i wouldnt mind though cus i would play awesome games like splatoon, zelda, mario, games in which might get new IPs or even that will not tire me off playing them.

sry for english guys, hope you understand all of what im saying

edit: i think this is both speculation and discution but ill just put speculation since it leads to discussions and cus i believe Nintendo will do this

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