After Playing Steep I have this sudden desire for a good skiing/snowboarding game on the Switch

So I was at my sisters today when her boyfriend showed me Steep, a winter sports game on the PS4 (also PC, XBO). I really don't like sports games so I decided to just watch at first, however after watching a bit I decided to start playing myself. The result: hours later and I was loving the game. It's not the deepest game in story, gameplay, or anything; instead it's just you, an open world mountain and the freedom to do whatever the hell you want. Tonnes of fun.

So while I was playing I was thinking: "man, it'd be awesome if the Switch had either this or another fun wintersports game".

Now, I don't know if it'd happen. Probably not, and i'd imagine most people would be happy if stuff like this stayed away (i mentioned Steep on another Nintendo forum, got called casual trash…). However I can hope, so yeah.

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