All Nintendo system sales. Around 60% sold units are handhelds.

Hi guys. I've made little spreadsheet that sums up systems sold by Nintendo to date. Its based in this wikipedia page.

System name Sold units (millions) Percent of all sales
Game Boy/Game Boy Color 118.69 17.04%
Game Boy Advance 81.51 11.70%
Nintendo DS 154.02 22.11%
Nintendo 3DS 61.57 8.84%
NES 61.91 8.89%
SNES 49.1 7.05%
Nintendo64 32.93 4.73%
GameCube 21.74 3.12%
Wii 101.63 14.59%
Wii U 13.36 1.92%
All Handhelds 415.79 59.70%
All Home Consoles 280.67 40.30%
All Systems 696.46 100.00%

Some of people here are wondering why Nintendo is making hybrid rather than full blown TV console. Answer is simple. Majority of Nintendo consumers play on handhelds and Switch is response to their needs. Audience preferences becomes much clearer if you take Wii out of equation. It wasn't targeted mainly to core gamers/ previous Nintendo fans like other systems.

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