Although Improbable, a multiplayer mode for BotW could be so much fun.

I'd find it really appealing if you could play with a couple friends in BotW. There would probably be so many moments when you or you friends see or find something cool and wonder off and a while later come back with some really cool item/weapon and are struck with jealousy, or you're walking up a hill and one of you is substantially higher up than you and decides to start rolling bombs down to see if you can dodge them and see you struggle your way up after them, or one of you goes all ranged weapons one others melee, and while some of you go into a bokoblin campement taking down bokoblin from the inside, the others provide ranged support and then sharing the loot they drop. This could be so much silly fun with friends and I'd love for one of the 3D Zelda's to have multiplayer at some point even though it doesn't have to be BotW. What are your thoughts?

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