Am i the only one that is severely disappointed with the new switch gimmick

Does anyone else wish Nintendo would stop with the goofy gimmicks? There was so much success with every console they created up until the Wii which like I said was based pretty much on the gimmick of horrible motion controls. Then there was the Wii u and it was a total flop. So instead of scrapping the dumb ideas. They instead give us a tablet. A TABLET!

Is this why they started working on Android and iOS games? To get ready to create games for a device that most likely could have just been played on the device I already carry with me everywhere?

I couldn't see this thing costing more than $150 tops.

Idk maybe I'm just looking at it differently than everyone. I just want a decent device that will run the next Mario's and Zelda's without all the extra s**t.

I keep holding out for Nintendo to come out and say it was all just a joke and that they wouldn't really release something as dumb as the switch.

I've also been thinking maybe they called it the switch because they plan on doing the old SWITCH-a-roo.

Boycott Nintendo! Make Nintendo great again!

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