Am I the only one who is starting to have serious doubt’s about the Nintendo Switch console?

As we approach launch and the post-reveal hype has begun to wear off, I wanted to try and be objective as possible regarding the Switch and list a few bulletpoint that summarises some serious doubts I'm beginning to have about the Switch. These are points that I don't like acknowledging at all as they conflict with my hype but need to realize a worst-case scenario for the sake of objectivity.

Horrible launch & 2017 line up

Zelda still performs and looks quite bad

Paid online

no Miiverse

no StreetPass

no Friendcodes

no internet browser

requires app on smartphone to chat with people

Loose your ''free'' games every month

no third party support

no backwards compatability with wiiU

no Virtual Console for Gamecube or Wii

2.5 hours of battery life

runs the only multiplats it has worse than PS4/PC

32GB Storage

720p with frame drops

$70 for Pro controller

$30 ethernet add-on

$60 retail price for essentially handheld teired games

$90 for HDMI out


As much as it pains me to type this I'm genuinely considered canceling my pre-order and just waiting to see how the Switch pans out right now. Can somebody please convince me to keep my Switch pre-order right now and show me my fears may be irrationally based?

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