Another “Lower your expectations” post

First off, we all have to realize this is Nintendo we are talking about. Given Nintendo's recent history, their consoles always end up delivering the lowest speculated option.

Reggie – "It's not about the specs."

As much as it saddens me to say this, here is what we'll get:

A stripped TX1 running the rumored clock speeds. No extra cores, no new ARM CPUs, just a vanilla TX1 stripped of the things not needed for this console.

What should you expect? Expect marginally better Wii U games at an entry price lower than a Wii U. Expect good battery life when running in portable mode.

The Switch will be a relative success. It'll have marginal 3rd party support. Do not expect AAA multiplatform releases. Do expect Fifa, Madden, Just Dance, Lego games, etc.

Once again, remember, this is Nintendo. They want to put out an affordable toy for a profit. Kimishima wants to return the company to 100+mil profits.

Smile, because now when you take your 'Wii U pad' to the shitter, the screen won't say connection lost.

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