Any reason for multiple switches yet? Aka what is needed?

I think the biggest thing I'm trying to wrap my head around is what I need for launch to have everything I need.

Some context, I have four young kids that I fight over three large tvs and multiple game systems. I got the wiiu mostly for the portability of me being able to play real (non handheld games) while they watch cat YouTube videos or play minecraft on yet another system.

It didn't work out as well as I hoped, because the wiiu had me tethered to the same room. The switch though finally gives me freedom. I get to play in bed after they are asleep, wife is happy I'm there, kids are not bugging me or kept awake by the tv. It is a gaming fathers godsend.

With that said, I'm debating the benefit of getting two (of course with four young kids, only mine is portable). Lol. I'm just not sure of everywhere it would be useful for or if I am just making that up. If they were cheaper I would just get five and that would be perfectly ideal, but do the math and you understand the importance of condoms.

Sorry, I'm all over.

TLDR: is there any value right now in multiples for one household, keeping the first year of games in mind.

What about accessories, any list anywhere of what each game needs / will support? I need one of those fancy infographics like on the back of the boxes. I tend to overbuy and just want to make sure I don't have s**t sitting everywhere, especially at these prices.

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