Any updates on an “achievement” system?

Hi there has not been many posts about this recently. Just wondered If Nintendo have let any details about it out?

I like many others will most likely buy this console if there is a feature much like Xbox achievement or PS trophy. If not then its no go from me i'm afraid 🙁 I cant say why I like them so much,.. Feeling of accomplishment? something to aim for? A reminder system wise of my accomplishments? And possibly a proper online area..

Nintendo need to get with the times and get out of the 90's.. This could be a really great console..

I understand some people don't care about achievements and if they implement it you still don't have to care about it… but imagine how many other people will buy your console of choice if it is… you get get more life out of your system as developers will have more reason to build for it. Plus more of a user base.. more community.

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