Are you replacing your old console(s) with the Nintendo Switch?

I have a PS3 that I've never really played, I have like 20 games that I'd really like to play but I don't think I'll be able to find the time to sit in the living room to play them.

Some people here have sold their systems to buy the Nintendo Switch and they say they are very happy, but others comment that it is a bad idea because of nostalgia or who knows why.

What do you think? Is it worth to sell your old system or do you prefer to keep it just in case?

If you'd keep it, don't you think that there's a high risk that the system will not work when you want to play it again? What about the controllers, batteries, or even the games that can just "break" or deteriorate?

If you'd sell it, aren't you afraid of regretting the decision of you want to play the games again?

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