As someone who does not own any of the recent Nintendo systems

What would you recommend? There are amazing games that are 3DS/2DS exclusive such as Pokémon. But on the other hand, the Switch might find a way to port these games into the handheld, and of course the games that were announced like Zelda, Mario Oddysey, Mario Kart, and the ones that will be released in the following months. Considering that the Switch is almost the same size of the New 3DS, do you think it would be way more convenient to but it instead of a New 3DS? It would be interesting if Nintendo really decides to focus on porting all these portable exclusives to the new Switch as this will allow players to have a bigger game library on the same system (plus the virtual console games). But maybe for money reasons they would just ignore it and continue releasing stuff as they do now lol (Handheld games and console games for each system separately)

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