As time goes on I realise…

…how much I'm going to use the Switch in portable mode.

Of course I always knew I'd be sprawling across my bed every night to save Hyrule, but the more time that passes the more I notice that there are mundane moments in my life that are needlessly Nintendoless.

I'm on a three hour bus journey right now, and have had seven hours to waste in Cardiff. I'd like nothing more right now than to be vanquishing my foes on rainbow road.

I'm going to be that guy who asks the person next to me to play Switch on public transportation.

Nice marketing, Nintendo!

My work commute on a day to day basis doesn't merit gaming, but it's these long journeys where the Switch will truly shine outside my home.

I have another trip to London next week, two transatlantic flights in May, and a bout of travelling this summer.

This has all largely persuaded my pre-order.

Where in your life are you excited to play The Switch? (Apart from at home)

All the best, ladies and gentlemen.


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