Asking for help regarding preorders

I've been reading a lot of posts talking about the preorder for the Switch, and that made me interested to get one. But i live in México (Tijuana, just next to the border), i don't have a VISA, but my parents do. Though, i'm sure that even if i would be able to get a preorder from a game retailer in the USA, they wouldn't want to be there to get my Switch. So i thought it can be a good idea to make an online preorder, like in Amazon or Best Buy, but it has to be in the USA site (i think only Amazon has a Mexican page), cause even with the actual dollar prize here in Mexico, is cheaper than getting it in pesos.
My doubt (and my hope) is: can i do it? it is possible to make a preorder then sending the package to my very own house here in Tijuana?

Thanks in advance, guys.

EDIT: Sorry for the awful english.

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