Backwards compatibility is actually a very rare thing in consoles.

I think people who are disappointed by the lack of backwards compatibility have become a little spoiled. Not very many game systems in the history of gaming as a whole have been backwards compatible at all, and especially not home consoles. The ones that have in recent years haven't had full compatibility anyways. For example:

  • The Xbox One's backwards compatibility is limited to a very small selection of Xbox 360 games.

  • The PS4 is only backwards compatible with the PS3 through PlayStation Now, a very broken service.

  • The Wii U and Wii are Nintendo's only two home consoles to ever be backwards compatible.

  • The PS3 is only backwards compatible with PS2 on a select few models. (But all models play PS1 discs)

  • The Xbox 360 is only backwards compatible with a select few Xbox original games, most of which are buggy when played on the 360.

Backwards compatibility is the exception, not the rule.

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