Based on the Nvidia Tegra SOC release schedule it makes no sense they would use old hardware in the Nintendo Switch

I don't understand why people keep saying is going to use Nvidia Tegra X1 they aren't going to release the Nintendo Switch with an already almost year old SOC when they already announced not one but two new Tegra SOCs including one that's Pascal and one that's Volta. They're also going to release their own Nvidia Shield TV 2 system probably using a similar chip around the same time frame this will be announced at CES 2017 next month. Looking at all the Tegra based products they've released they always use a new Tegra chip in each version of the shield devices. Just look at the Shield handheld, tablets, and Android TV and how they were released. The Nintendo Switch will use one of the announced Tegra chips that's Pascal or Volta based not year old hardware. SOCs have a release cycle and Nvidia had been working with Nintendo the entire cycle of the next chip to ensure the Nintendo Switch is released with it. So all these "leakers" and their supposed sources can suck it because logic dictates this is how it'll be based on how Nvidia has released previous revisions of their hardware. New Tegra SOCs are released yearly during Q1/Q2 and guess when the Nintendo Switch comes out? Right at the cut off between Q1 and Q2.


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