Black levels and contrast in Breath of the Wild

I think that Breath of the Wild looks stunningly gorgeous from all of the footage I've seen. It seems to balance the wonderful cel shading from Wind Waker with a more photo-real aesthetic marvelously, and is greatly helped by HD capabilities not available in previous games (Skyward Sword, I thought, was a particularly hideous standard def version that felt cartoonish in a cheap and ugly way).

But in the footage for Breath of the Wild, there seems to be no sections of the frame that are truly black. All of the darker/shadow areas are different shades of gray and dark gray. I think this looks odd and distracting and lacks contrast. Particularly the sequence in the trailer where the Calamity Ganon or whatever emerges from the temple

I don't think a lack of visual contrast 'ruins' the game (gameplay is much more important than high end graphics, as nintendo has proven again and again). The grayness may work for me when I actually play the game.

I'm just curious what others think.

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