BoTW Dungeons: Small, no (related) items, not themed … what do you think about all that?

I still hope they get it right, sure they will. But hearing all that makes me worry somehow.

We knew BoTW was going to break with traditions but right now it seems like they removed huge parts of the Zelda formula and I'm not sure if I like that.

Of course they want to move forward on with the franchise and need to create something new but as a Zelda fan from the beginning of the series I really love the formula and honestly, I could play another 100 games like that.

I recently saw/played what can happen if developers try to change and break with conventions of the franchise… I'm talking about FF 15 which I have a love-hate relationship to but in the end I don't like it as a FF game and I'm concerned BoTW could and up quite the same … (for me)

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