Calculated my launch day pre-order costs totaled with US average of ~8.45% sales tax. ($554 with Zelda & Bomberman, $606 with Mario Kart)

This is everything I have pre-ordered for the Switch, the costs with and without tax, and the totals with tax. I thought this might be useful for other people, who perhaps like me wasn't adding this all up while handing over my credit card. Also curious what other peoples launch day configs are/cost.

Prices are USD and I used 8.45% which is about the median sales tax in the 38 US states that have a sales tax.

Also, I used Amazon Prime's discount for game pre-orders.

  1. Nintendo Switch console with grey joy cons/standard grip – GameStop in-store pre-order: $299.99/$325.34 with tax
  2. Nintendo Pro Controller – GameStop in-store pre-order: $69.99/$75.90 with tax
  3. Joy Con charging grip – GameStop in store pre-order: $29.99/$32.52 with tax
  4. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild standard edition – Amazon Prime pre-order: $47.99/$52.05 with tax
  5. Super Bomberman R – Amazon Prime pre-order: $39.99/$43.37 with tax
  6. PDP screen protector kit – Amazon Prime pre-order: $7.99/$8.67 with tax
  7. PDP premium console case – Amazon Prime pre-order: $14.99/$16.26

The total cost of my launch day switch set up is (a wallet shattering) $554.11 with tax.

Additionally I have a Mario Kart 8 pre-order via Amazon Prime that's $47.99/$52.06 with tax. That brings the total with tax to $606.17.

I'm all $606 in at this point I suppose, but after running the numbers I felt this might give people who hadn't done so yet a picture of how much this is actually going to cost on day 1. (I was not too happy when I added up my series of impulse purchases today.)

I realize other people's launch day configs will be vastly different, as well. And am curious how much others are spending on their Switch & accessory/game orders arriving 3/3, and what people are getting.

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