Can somebody just tell me how this damn stock thing works?

So, I read somewhere on here that Walmart was still doing Switch reserves. Don't remember what thread, but the important part is that I called my local Walmart to confirm this, and they said yes! They are still doing reserves. They told me how it works, and it sounded all fine and dandy. As soon as I could (several hours later), I sped down there to get my money down so I could have one these damn things on launch day (I know you're trying to minimize losses if it turns out to be a flop, but I'm not a fan of this whole artificial scarcity trend I'm seeing with Nintendo lately, you know what I'm referring to). I arrive there, and they tell me in the electronics department that they aren't doing them anymore. I'm sad, but then I see a sign saying "Nintendo Switch, reserve yours now in the Layaway department". Filled with hope, I run down there, only to be turned down again. Angry I've been lied to through both the phone and this misleading sign (that they said they were required to keep up, but still. Come on.) I marched down to the customer service department and continue complaining. I really hate being "that guy" but I was told I could get a Switch, and I'm just as hyped as ya'll are for it, so I want one, dammit.

Here's where my question comes in. On the phone, they said they count the reserves they got, and order that many from their distributors or whatever. Fair enough. Now, in the store, they told me the Switch consoles arrive on March 1, and they didn't want to give an extra reserve for fear of not having enough consoles to give to the people who reserve them. Again, fair enough, I understand completely. But if something like Amazon can do 2 day shipping (even 1 day shipping sometimes), I think a company as big as Walmart can get an extra couple of consoles to their location in a month, especially since Nintendo is ramping up production. Why couldn't they do this? Should I go back and keep complaining? (Again, I hate to be that guy, but I'm so jealous hearing about all of ya'll having your preorders. I want to play Zelda, I want Bomberman, and they lied to me, making me waste my gas and money). I'm just really sad because I got my hopes up for nothing. Is this an issue I should go back and keep pressing? I didn't think about this extra shipment while I was there, so should I return and press this issue further? If nothing else, is anywhere else truthfully still doing reserves? Thank you in advance, sorry for the rant. I just wanna play some good Nintendo games, you know?

I just don't want to be left in the dust with Nintendo's next wave of Switch consoles, considering this first wave sold out so quickly.

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