Can we please for the love of Arceus STOP referring to rumored NS games as ports?

Yes I know the sources of all these rumors said most of them are WiiU ports.

But f**k that, it makes it sound like the NS has no god damn games at all and is basically has only sloppy second fiddles. That's basically one of the many reasons that the WiiU died.

I'm sure as f**k as well that Nintendo isn't going to go around saying that "this s**t is the same s**t as the s**t on the WiiU". NO. They'd be all like "this is some new s**t that is very similar to some old s**t but is all improved and got all new s**t thrown in as well".

Knowing Nintendo all of the rumored "ports" are going to be made from scratch for the NS (with reused assets, sure) and have enough new content and features to distinguish it from wherever the first games was.

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