Can we please stop assuming that “Third Party” exclusively refers to AAA Western games?

I've been noticing that people are complaining about the specs under the guise that there won't be any third party support because of it. And yes, big-budget games like Red Dead Redemption or Dishonored 2 probably won't be on it.

But why are some of y'all acting like that the Switch won't get any third party games period because of this? There is a ton of badass Japanese titles on the 3DS and the Vita, and that type of support will most likely come over to the Switch. Plus, 2D Indie games, both Western and Eastern, are phenomenal these days, and the Switch will be capable enough to play all of those.

I mean, the 3DS has sold really well in North America, and I can't think of any worthwhile Western titles on it that aren't Indie. The Switch is more of a successor to the 3DS than some wannabe-PC like the PS4. So why were some of you expecting Switch versions of AAA PS4/XBox one titles? Like, did you own a 3DS bro?

If I wanted to play something like Dishonoured 2, and just play it on my PS4, no problem. The Switch should be for the type of genres that get overshadowed by Shooters and Open-world games on consoles (i.e. JRPGs, Platformers, SHMUPS, Point-and-click Adventure etc).

And it makes sense for them to underclock the specs in portable. It's a PORTABLE device, hence it needs a good battery life.

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