Can We Talk About Cases Please?

I really want to order a case for my Switch before the release because I plan to carry it around to show off to friends in the first week. I didn't get the special edition Zelda that came with a case, nor am I getting a Mario/Zelda themed starter pack because I just want a case that looks kinda plain and more "adult-ish."

Option 1: HORI Tough Pouch -It looks good and can hold a few games, but after reading reviews for the PS Vita version of the case I am scared my Switch will slide around in it too much. Plus its on the higher-end of prices for just a case.

Option 2: RDS Industries, Inc Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case -I don't really need the game/MicroSD holder, but the case looks like its made well. Only think I don't like is the middle pocket instead of a place to hold games.

Option 3: Hyperkin EVA Hard Shell Carrying Case -This one has a great price and I like the fact I can maybe get it BEFORE the Switch is released and it maybe can hold a charging cable. I don't like the cheap looking build quality, but I do admire how it seems to have elastic straps to hold the Switch in place.

Option 4: PDP Nintendo Switch Premium Console Case -I like the look of this one best, and it can hold the most games inside the case. I don't like how it doesn't look very sturdy for protection, and the fact it holds the Switch in a mesh pouch seems awkward.

Option 5: Snakebyte Nintendo Switch Travel Case -The outside of it looks nice and protective, but I have never heard of this brand and there are no pictures of the insides.

Option 6: Navitech Black Premium Compact Travel Hard Carry -Looks nice and is cheap, and I like that I can get it before the Switch launches. The fact it can't store the Switch with the Joycons attached almost disqualifies it though.

What one would you pick/have picked?

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