Can we talk about how big a leap Switch is over 3DS/WiiU in specs?

Can we discuss how awesome it is that the Switch is a considerable step up in horsepower over Wii U and 3DS? Whether you view it as a console or handheld, its a big leap regardless.

The rumored RAM for Switch is 4GB LPDDR4. It is rumored the OS takes up only 800MB more or less so 3.2GB is free for developers. That's likely unified ram, allowed to be split any way the developer wants between video/system ram/etc.

So if there is 3.2GB of RAM available to developers that is: 25 times the original 3DS's 128MB FCRAM, which wasn't all available to games. Its 3 times the RAM Wii U had for games which was 1GB.

On paper, at least, it looks like a considerable step up from both U/3DS if you ask me. Not using PowerPC alone is a bonus. The Wii U's GPU was rumored to be 176Gflops tops and the Switch is rumored to go up to 470Gflops in docked mode.

Using Nvidia too also makes things even better. Anyone else just happy to see such a leap in handheld/console specs?

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