Class Discussion over Switch Commerical

So this is a follow up post to my one regarding my Sociology Teacher making the Switch #1 priority. As expected it was the first trailer we watched and we had around a 10 minute discussion. She went through about asking students what they thought of the product and if it appealed to them, and here are some of the responses I noted.

One student stated that "It seems unique, and I would love to buy a nintendo system again if it gained enough popularity. Me and my brother always use to play the wii and loved it, and we would love to play zelda again. Others said that the portability would be amazing, and then these frat guys started talking about playing madden on the go and rocket league and were actually hyping themselves up. It was pretty awesome. She then showed the 1-2 switch trailer which I didn't expect, but everyone was laughing over the milking game and some girls next to me said they love to use that for drinking games and party nights. That is a huge appeal to the college audience which is a very safe market for nintendo to shoot for.

She asked what I thought and I simply stated "It looks like unique tech that could be the new generation of something new, and that the song fit really well with the whole concept behind the switch. Also, who wouldn't want to play mario on the toliet?" Everyone laughed and agreed that imagine dragons was a right choice, and it was satisfying. Also I could clearly tell my teacher was a switch fan, as she smiled at all the positive responses.

Good to note that both male and female seemed very interested in this console, which is good because xbox and ps4 are kinda more male dominated. Maybe this will change and hopefully it will with the switch.

The only negative thing was from this dude that sits next to me who stated "It would've been better if the patriots lost, I hated all the commericals." But he was just salty. (I don't blame him)

So yeah, that is the summary of the responses I heard. I almost didn't go to class because I had crippling depression that the falcons lost, but I decided to go out of interest.

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