Comparing production cost between Switch/Wii U(Speculation) Why I believe we should suspect Pascal.

Just wanted to bring up a point I think is very important to cost/specs of the Nintendo Switch. First I would like to start with Wii U production costs. Optical drive that plays blu ray quality disks est. cost 20-35.00. Nintendo had production costs for the console itself as well as the touchscreen gamepad. More materials, more tech, more cost. In addition the cost of two different power sources, ac adapter for the console and the gamepad. The Switch solves most of these cost issues as it combines the features of the Wii U into one unit. Recap, one unit, one power source, no optical drive and less plastic material to produce. I know this is simple man mathematics. Just looking at the facts there's really no reason Nintendo should opt for a lesser chip in the Switch. Looking at the screen we saw live a couple weeks ago seems to be LCD. Which is much cheaper these days as most portable electronics implement led screens. Wii U prices ranged from 299.99 to 349.00. I believe the switch price point @249.99 to 299.99 is totally possible with pascal. Just food for thought for people worried price would be a reason not to include pascal. Any thoughts??

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