Concerns With My Online Best Buy Pre-Order

I, like many others, pre-ordered a Switch on Best Buy's website and selected in-store pickup on launch day. All of that is well and good, but what concerns me is the payment process.

For a little over a week or so, a hold was placed on my account for $323.99, the full amount of the Switch. After the hold fell off, I decided I wanted to get some clarification on when exactly my account will be officially charged for the Switch.

I have received two different answers from various Best Buy employees online, in-store, and over the phone. I've been told that:

A.) My card will be charged when the Switch ships to the store, before release.

B.) My card will be charged upon pick-up in the store, on release.

No two employees seem to be on the same page. Does anyone have any experience with this process with Best Buy? I'd like to be able to know when to expect the charge and ensure that the funds are in the correct account when they're needed. My biggest fear is that if my card is charged whenever the Switches ship to the store, and my funds aren't in the account at this random date, that I will end up without a Switch on March 3rd.

I may be over thinking things, but if anyone has some input it would be greatly appreciated.

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