Considering cancelling my preorder

Hello fellow switchers! I managed to snag a Nintendo Switch for pre order back during the announcement. However I've been considering cancelling for a few reasons I'll list below. I'm hoping anyone can sway me to either side.

Also this is my first time pre ordering a Nintendo console. How hard is it to find one of these boys after the initial release?? Anyways here's my reasons.

  1. I'm actually starting my first part time this Sunday. I'll be getting paid before the 3rd. However, the way I've calculated my whole paycheck will go to the switch. (I'm broke atm) I don't mind but I would've liked to have money in my pocket for a while.

  2. It's not gonna kill me, but maaan do I want neon colors. (I was only able snag grey bcus amazon)

  3. There aren't any launch titles I'm looking forward to. However just having the console would be satisfying. And Im really looking forward to Mario Kart (haven't played since double dash).

Eeeh that's actually pretty much it. Those reasons are enough to make me consider however.

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