Considering taking the dive from physical to digital games collection, is it time?

I've always enjoyed owning physical games. I enjoyed having them on my shelf, being able to resell them, and I felt like I was more frequently able to get them at a good price compared to their digital counterpart.

At this point I have about 20 PS4, 16 3DS games and both of those collecting have been growing pretty quickly as I've found more and more titles available at the price point of $20-30. I generally dont play games right around release date, and don't mind waiting for the costs to drop to about half.

But recently, the collector in me has taken over. I've been collecting Lego Dimensions and Disney Infinity characters w. my Son, Pokemon Cards, Lego sets… again, mostly just things I enjoy with my son… but I'm starting to have a lot of… "stuff" and I'd like to minimize those collections when appropriate.

Is it time to go all digital? Anyone have any experiences themselves or regrets about their own transition? I'm starting to feel like convenience is more important than collection. With the Switch being able to travel in the car as well, I feel like digital could be the way to go.

Either way, I'm still hesitant.

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