Cool ARMS Mode Idea:

Wouldn't it be cool to have an open map like, idk, OverWatch, & have like dozen(s) of people trying to extend punches to each other, and who ever gets the most damage in a certain amount of time/who lives longest wins? I mean those stretchy arms are similar to ammo after all.

You could also have tactics to deal great damage, or make sure you can't hide & stuff. I know it sounds big and crazy, but that's what I need ARMS to be. It's gonna be a hard sell for people bc it just looks like a punching game at first glance, not everyone is gonna get a chance to demo it/care enough to watch a treehouse.

Splatoon is not enough of a multiplayer game to justify payikg for online, especially when I can play it, right now, for free, on my Wii U. I really hope this happens, the game has so much potential.

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