Could the Switch support a bigger screen with the same dimensions?

What do you think of the screen-bezels on the Switch? (space next to the screen that is not screen)

I have made this to show the bezel-size on the tablet-portion of the switch.

I calculated the width of the screen for a 6.2 inch screen. The bottom picture is a cheap tablet for comparison.

In my opinion Nintendo could have crammed a bigger screen in that space. To quote Lord_Cohliani from Gamefaqs: "Looks like my nephew's $50 Chinese android tablet. And to think it's 720p too!"

Great example how it could be done: XPS 13 notebook

Even a 7" screen should theoretically be possible, that would mean a 27% bigger area.

Bigger screen would mean:

  • Higher battery usage
  • Less PPI
  • Higher cost and therefor higher price
  • Less space for our hands when holding the Switch like a tablet and not wanting to touch the screen.

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