Dear Sega, Cyber troopers Virtual-On would be a good Switch Game

A lot of people have been comparing ARMS to Cyber Troopers Virtual-On. As someone that did pre-order ARMS I can totally see how people can compare it to Cyber Troopers with the over the shoulder camera and the use of the joy-cons as motion controllers gave me that warm fuzzy feeling when it reminded me of the dual joystick controls that were on the arcade cabinet for my favorite sega game. That similarity was a good bit of the reason I pre-ordered arms.

So onto my main point. I think that sega should release a switch version of the cyber troopers games, even if it was the same graphics as the original arcade cabinet I would totally buy it in a heartbeat, especially if it utilized the joy-con controllers.

Does anyone else think this would be an awesome idea? Who else would be excited if Sega released a port of cyber troopers for the switch?

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