Dear Switchers, please be careful not to get mugged at midnight launch or elsewhere

I've been meaning to make this thread for a few days now. I'm on this sub-reddit very regularly. For those people who want to go to stores for midnight launch, I'd suggest that you contain your excitement until you get home. Considering all the mega hype about this console, I wouldn't be at all surprised if thieves want to take advantage of it & deprive you of your Nintendo Switch.

If I'm not mistaken, I remember a thread from last week where the OP had asked if people would be playing on their Nintendo Switch on the way home & that's what made me make this thread.

Travel in groups especially if you're on foot & if the store is in the vicinity. Buy your console & head straight home.

Lastly, with regards to a thread made today, my suggestion is that with all the hype associated with the Nintendo Switch, do not play in public. Just my suggestion.

Be safe Switchers!

P.s. I'm copyrighting this term "Switchers" if it hasn't already been taken. I think it's catchy 😀

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