Debating whether to purchase amiibo or not. Do you collect amiibo? Will Nintendo Switch games be amiibo-heavy?

The only amiibo I have is Smash Bros. Mario…but I honestly have that just for display. I'm debating whether to start collecting at least the 6 main Super Mario characters and as well as the Zelda main characters (I've no interest in grunt enemies) simply because I don't want to miss out on Switch content. I guess another plus would be that they do look pretty detailed but…money. Do you think that Switch gameplay will be enhanced with amiibo? Do you collect amiibo? And if you do, how many do you have?

EDIT: I also want to add that if they reveal Fire Emblem series amiibo during tomorrow's direct I just know I'm going to jump on those, no questions asked. I didn't bother with the Smash Bros. Fire Emblem amiibo because half of those look pretty bad. I agree that the amiibo sculptures have improved over time, as some of you have said. I'm just debating whether the other series are worth it for a more enhanced gameplay experience.

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