Deja Vu Moment

I was watching the gaming historians episode on the sega nomad and had a major Deja Vu moment in relation to the nintendo switch and how kind of similar the two devices are. For those who don't remember it, the sega nomad was basically a sega genesis in the body of a portable console (its design was similar to the sega game gear, though with more buttons to mimic the genesis controller) released near the end of the genesis's life span. It was a portable console that could play genesis cartridges, you could do split screen play on it by plugging in a second controller, and you could plug it into a tv in order to use it as a standard genesis, while using it as a controller. It ended up getting killed off by its release so close to the sega saturn (sega stopped supporting it soon after release, and it didnt have a pack in title), its high cost compared to a genesis or a gameboy, and its rate of battery consumption.

It just reminded me sort of, of the switch and I thought I'd share my thoughts.

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