Did you know that the Eternal Darkness spiritual successor is still coming?

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Quantum Entanglement Entertainment or Denis Dyack. I am, however, member of and contributor to their community forum, and a big fan of Eternal Darkness.

I've seen a few posts here saying that people want an Eternal Darkness sequel on Switch. Some people even remember the failed Kickstarter of Shadow of the Eternals, a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness made by the same people who created the first game.

So if you're like me and want an Eternal Darkness sequel, the good thing (which may or may not be news to you) is that Denis & Co. didn't give up on the spiritual successor. In fact, together with a company for movie and TV productions, they founded a new company called Quantum Entanglement Entertainment, which aims to create games, movies, and TV shows, all under one roof.

Now, there haven't been any new announcements made by this company, but they repeatedly stated that Shadow of the Eternals is still in the works. Furthermore, Denis created the YouTube channel "The Quantum Tunnel," where he talks about film, games, science, the games industry, and some of his past work as a game designer.

During and after the failed Kickstarter campaign, they followed a concept of community interaction. People in their forum would help design aspects of the game, monsters, or sanity effects, or provide feedback on their concepts. It seems like the next time they announce something, they are planning to launch a similar initiative.

So if you are curious about any of that, do look them up! (I'm not sure if I should provide links or not, since it might be misunderstood as advertisement… but those things are easy enough to find using Google.)

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