[Discussion] A Case for the “Smart App” Party/Game Chat (w/ a little humor)

I know the whole idea about the Smart App being used for game/party chat hasn't been the most well received news from the Switch event. After yesterday's news from the Splatoon Devs on lobby/game chat indeed being through the Smart App it seems to only solidify it further but I had a few thoughts regarding their decision and why it might be a good idea in the grand scope of things.

First of all Nintendo know kids love their system and games (shocker) but they also care about protecting kids from the trolls who live under the bridge we call online gaming. What's one thing most kids don't have? If you guessed a "dope ass Ferrari", you're right… technically, but I was going for Smart Phone. Kids can play their Nintendo and parents don't have to worry about little Timmy learning about advanced anatomy.

Second, it's a hybrid (shocked again)! Where you go, chances are it's going with you… and your phone too! Let's say you're out for the day, at the (insert place of fun you hang out not at home but feel comfortable playing games…here) and you whip out your phone to see who's online doing what. "Oh hey, Me4aRZ is playing Zelda! I wonder how far he is? Let's see if he wants to party up while I knock out some Mario Kart!" It's here we see "Social Gaming" wherever you are, sharing experiences.

I know there are more scenarios where this could be either improved or hindered but I see the potential of what their doing. They don't have the luxury of a permanent home console where there will be certain conditions met at all times and offloading them to a app might be beneficial but these are just my thoughts. Until more is released I remain hopeful, just as hopeful as the rest of you seemed to be after they showed off their Super Bowl ad earlier today.

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