[Discussion] Do you think the Switch could work as a serious VR device?

After Obe1's 'leak' some people have been getting pretty excited about the possibility of playing VR games on the Nintendo Switch, and although I don't blame them I still feel like the Switch might not be capable of serious VR games. Sure, the Switch could probably handle games without a lot of technical depth but if we are talking about the likes of Resident Evil 7 VR and Metroid Prime 4 VR then I'm not too sure if the Switch can handle it. I get that rumors are rumors and the power and price might be different to what LKD says but Nintendo still wants to make a device with a good battery life and relatively cheap, and as a result this would make the Switch less powerful when compared to other VR options. Although approx. Wii U power in portable mode is fine for the Switch for regular usage (as long as it is easy to develop games for), if the rumors are true I simply don’t think a £200 tablet is powerful enough to run a game where the tablet has to render the game twice, it has good graphics and a good and constant frame rate, and this is assuming the screen is 1080p and there is an option to attach the Switch to a power cable to unlock the higher clock speed. Also, just by using my phone 720p is not enough for VR as it is overly pixelated. I am no VR expert so if I am wrong please correct me, but do you think the Switch can be a serious VR device?

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