[Discussion] General issues the Switch may/will have & how best to deal with them.

This isn't a thread about bashing possible problems that the Switch may have or disparaging it in any way. It'll still be a Day 1 purchase but thought we should temper things with it and maybe work out some answers/solutions to what may or may not be some problems.

1: carry/screen damage.
The Switch is billed as being a hybrid mobile/TV device and that is a great idea but am still concerned over how best to transport it. Nintendo act like they just want you to throw it in your back to take it place to place but there are so many inherent dangers with this -including damage to the unit/controls, scratching the screen or just breaking it.

Now, I don't know if they're using any current tablet technology like a reinforced internal frame and/or Gorilla Glass like screens but am hoping that Nintendo (or a Third Party) make a carry bag/case so don't have to worry about carrying it around.

2: keeping the screen clean & scratch free.
I don't know about anyone else out there but I'm a greasy bastard. No matter what I do, my fingers always have a bit of natural skin-oil on them, marking any screen that I touch. So am hoping that Nintendo have a screen that's easy to clean as wel as being scratch resistant to every day use if they actually have it as a touch screen unit.

3: battery life.
This is the biggest concern for so many people. I feel that whenever I'll be taking the Switch out with me I'll be packing an spare power cable because I either won't be able to trust the battery or it'll be easier to find some corner powerpoint to plug into than just rely on the battery. This will probably be mitigated once we learn the specs as well as the options but until then best to plan around short external game sessions and long charges.

4: wi-fi, mobile and wireless communication.
The DS and 3DS were both paragon of wireless communication & playability, with each getting better with their newer generation/models. this means that there are high hopes for the Switch in terms of online and wireless modes but Nintendo has a very narrow policy/view when it comes to online interactivity. This is a mixture of Japan's generally paranoid view of the internet (I blame Serial Experiment Lain & the rash cyberpunk horror anime/manga from the 90's) as well as knowing full well how toxic a place the online community can be.
I'd like to see the unit be able to access mobile internet for better portable gaming but that may be a step too far, since it didn't work well with the PS Vita and might mean different tiers of models and prices. A 3DS style of wireless interaction, with Street Passes and the like, would be a welcome thing for the Switch.

That's all the stuff on my mind right now.
Are there anythings that you are all concerned with? How do you think Nintendo or a Third Party company could help mitigate some of these issues?

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