[Discussion] Let’s talk about SKUs

With many console releases from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, there have been different SKUs depending on what you are looking for. If you wanted a regular Xbox One, there was the one that came out at launch (which is pretty scarce now but whatever) with the choice of either 500GB or 1TB. Later, there was the Elite bundle and more importantly, the S, which came out with 500GB, 1TB and 2TB because people were complaining about not being able to store their games. With the PS4, there was only the 500GB model that came at launch, but later, there was a 1TB model for the same reason why the Xbox One S got a 2TB model. It also got a Slim model with AC wireless and a smaller form factor and a Pro model that had a removable hard drive and better resolutions like 2560×1440 and 3200×1800. The 3DS is a weird and confusing case though. There were 5 SKUs that I can think of; the 3DS, the 3DS XL for larger hands, the 2DS for kids with long fingernails, the new 3DS for running games better with faster loading times with 256MB RAM and the new 3DS XL for less customization and bigger hands. The 3DS came with a 2GB SD card for the smaller models and a 4GB SD card for the 2DS and larger models which stayed with the new versions. The Wii U came with Basic and Deluxe models at launch, with the Basic model having 8GB flash storage that can't even download Sm4sh and the Deluxe model having 32GB flash storage that can rarely download more than two AAA titles.

Now for the Switch.

I really can't see more than two SKUs for the Switch because it would be confusing. I can see one "Base" model with a 256GB Solid-state flash drive and just having the Switch, the Joy-cons and Grip and the Dock. Also, a "Pro" model with a 512GB Solid-state flash drive and comes with a Pro Controller. I don't want to rely on micro SD cards for storing games because if you lose it (and a 1-centimetre card is really easy to lose), your games are gone and even if you can redownload them, you have to shell out more money for another micro SD. Two SKUs for the Switch with different storage is better for both the people who buy 2 games a year and those who buy a game every week and are too lazy to go all the way to EBGames to get a new one and subsequently have to buy the groceries on the same run.

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