Discussion: PS4 has Trophies, the XBONE has Achievements. What should the Nintendo Switch have?

The one thing I realised(and everyone else realised too) is the lack of some sense of reward you get from completing certain parts of a game. It's not that it's necessary, but it's definitely cool to add to your online experience, the list of things you have achieved/won.

For example in Hyrule Warriors, you'd get all these small achievements WITHIN the game, but nobody else could see them other than you, there's no way you could add those achievements to your profile online for everyone to see. Now I know what you're thinking – "What a showoff, who even cares what you manage to achieve in games" well you'd be right. I am, and there's a challenge aspect to it as well.

When I see my friends complete "The last of us" on "Hard", it's my challenge to beat them and go Survivor. It adds to the competitive aspect.

The question is though, what would these milestones be called for the Nintendo Switch, or do you think they'll have any at all?


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