Distorted value perception of Nintendo Switch

Long time, first time.

Over the last 10 days, I watched countless of hours of analysis, read about 100 articles and pre-ordered the Switch day 1. I am a long time Nintendo fan and cannot wait to take Breath of the Wild on the go. Say it with me – BotW on the go! So for context, I am a fan, I am hyped, I am pumped for day 1. At the same time though, I own every major system this gen (reads: no Vita, Ouya and, other obscurities) and play(ed) on all of them, including PC. In essence, I know some stuff about games.

What really annoys me in the Switch coverage is the distorted view on value. A little thought experiment:

If consumer a buys a Switch, 3 games, the Pro-Controller, and a bag for carrying the thing around, they will most likely pay around $600. This supposedly is a big deal and considered expensive if you listen to critics of the system. However, it should only be a question of value to the consumer – do they want to spend $600 on this, an iPad, PSVR with a game + headaches, a last gen iPhone, or a PS4 Pro + 1 Controller + 2 games.

Especially, the coverage is interesting when contrasted with PSVR, which was heralded as an inexpensive system, and a great piece of technology. I owned a PSVR for a short time and was not impressed – it is well constructed, but I don't see the mainstream appeal until they figure out cabling, visual fidelity etc.

With Switch, this is different – that brings me back to my initial point: Breath of the Wild on the go. Clear value proposition.

I can actually live with the feedback on launch line-up, and think Nintendo didn't do themselves a favor by supposedly not considering some titles as launch games (Binding of Isaac, I am Setsuna). But again, who cares? Consumers will either buy into the value proposition or they won't – whether there are 20 titles at launch or not, will not be the key differentiation, from my point of view. A steady stream of content, or a lack thereof is what will kill the system.

What do you think? Why is the view on value distorted when it comes to this system? Why is it a big deal that the pro controller costs $5 – 10 more than the Switch's competitor controllers?

TL;DR: Switch value is determined by consumer preference. I am hyped.

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